Sunday, 15 January 2012

If it's January 15th it must be.........................

It's that time of the year again. Chinatown in Sydney is full of drums and dragons. It's Chinese New Year.
2012 is the Year of the Dragon, and there were certainly a few of those out on the streets of Chinatown today.

In Paddy's market the sound of the drums echoed around the central atrium. I was there for a delicious Yum Char lunch with the family and suddenly... there was a beautiful golden dragon at the entrance to our favourite Yum Char venue, the Eight. The whole of Paddy's Market was hung with red lanterns and the dragons were being tamed by their 'carers' surrounded by an army of red and gold dressed followers and drum players as they went from shop to shop, restaurant to restaurant, to bring good fortune for the coming year. Here are some images from the celebrations.

Walking through the main market part of Paddy's I came across this wonderful array of strange and beautiful leafy vegetables just waiting to have their picture taken. I just wish I could capture the smells of the gorgeous fruit and veggies that arrest your nostrils as you walk through the main hall.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Coffee culture

What I love about Sydney is the fact that they take their coffee very seriously. You don't just get any old coffee being served up in the numerous coffee shops and bars. The coffee has to be produced by baristas. There is even a barista school that tutors all the coffee makers. The result is.........perfect coffee every time.
These masterpieces were constructed at the Shenkin Cafe in Erskinville. A very artistic effort. There is even a App that can be downloaded to your iPhone or iPad showing cappuchino froth designs. Crazy!!

Sydney Festival Yeah yeah yeah....

It's Sydney Festival time. Edinburgh with sun. Fab city, fab event. There are events going on all over the place in some pretty unlikely venues. See the complete list on
Saturday January 7th was the first night. I was in Hyde Park to hear Caspar Babypants, the excellent Tuba Skinny, Norman Jay and his Good Times Sound System. I really wanted to see Manu Chao in the Domain concert but the youngest members of the family had to be bathed and put to bed. Never mind, next time maybe. However I did get to see the Polyglot Theatre's Tangle Jungle. Great fun, made me want to get my knitting out. The pictures are from the Tangle Jungle, child heaven. Even the austere statue in the park is joining in the fun.