Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Three months is a long time to be without something for my fingers to do. I knew I would feel like this, twitchy, without something woolly between the fingers, so I bought out with me some crochet hooks and a small assortment of interesting yarns that I had secreted away in my yarn store for such a time as this. I found myself constructing strange tube like protuberances and realised that hands were beginning to form themselves off the crochet hook. This is not a new departure as I had hatched an 8 foot high edifice some way back in the '70's when I was sick of making matinee jackets. This lady was loved a lot by my then small children. She ended her days in various positions dressed in 1930 hats and a cigarette holder stuck in her mouth (?) in the front window of my dear departed neighbour Marsha Gardiner. She was a wonderful woman and a dear friend who took a fancy to my creation. She startled many a passer-by.
These newly constructed hands have taken on a life of their own and who knows where they will take me. I think at the moment they remind me of the Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Watch this space

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  1. i'm in Heathrow waiting to fly out to Denmark
    snow falling and drifting in icing sugar swirls in the pools of light around the lamp posts
    those big hands could find friends back here...