Tuesday, 27 October 2009

She's leaving home

The late autumn weather is turning in. The season of mellow fruitfulness is all but past. The clocks have changed and soon it will time for sitting around the log fires listening to the winds and rain outside.
But for me I will follow the sun. Three months in the southern hemisphere. I'm off to Sydney to babysit and catch up on my nursery rhyme recitations. I am going to visit the Victoria Feltmakers while I am in Australia and catch up on all the gossip with my mate India Flint. I am available to give workshops out there if anyone wants me. Three months without a bit of wooly tops between my fingers is too long. So if anyone on that side of the equator is reading this 'just call on me and I'll be there with love from me to you.'
See you on the far side.

1 comment:

  1. by hook and by crook, i was first in this book! remember those ridiculous autograph books? welcome to the whirled of blogging. much the same thing, really! tee hee.
    see you in the sunshine...